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  What is your favorite workout routine in detail?
My favorite workout routine is legs consisting of -4setsofsquats15to20reps -4setsoflegspress15to20reps
- 4 sets of leg extensions 15 to 20 reps
- 4 sets of leg curls laying down 15 to
20 reps
- 4 sets of standing leg curls 15 to 20
- 4 sets of stiff leg deadlifts 12 to 15
- 4 sets of inner thighs 15 reps
- 4 sets of outer thighs 15 reps
- 5 sets of seated calves 15 reps
- 5 sets of standing calves 15 reps
- 5 sets of donkey calves 15 reps all of
this is my full leg workout.
What does family mean to you?
Family is primary form of support.
You told us your grandson is the apple of your eye, what is he like? Will he become the next legendary Jamesy? My Grandson Sammy is full energy and very inquisitive, with those traits I know he can be the next Jamesy.
What is it like to work alongside the legendary Lawrence “The Beast” Marshall and how did you two meet?
Working with "The Beast" is a wonderful experience; We first met when he and my training partner/student Kelvin "Dredd" Daniel were competing.
What motivates Jamesy to
keep going?
Success Motivates me to keep going.

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