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  How long have you been a trainer?
I’ve been a trainer for five years.
When did you know that you wanted to have a career in
At the age of thirteen.
Growing up were you more into dolls or sports?
Sports, always!
Were there any sports you were exceptionally good at? Tennis ... three time gold medalist.
Do you have any kids and do they show any interest in
following in your footsteps?
Two daughters Hayley and Kristin and yes they say to me, "mummy I want to be strong and teach spin like you."
You must get a lot of women coming to you for training advice and tips. What are some of the main differences between working with women and with men?
Women need to realize that lifting weights doesn't make you look like a man, a fit body needs more than just cardio and if you're looking to keep that body looking younger, longer you definitely need to incorporate weight training more, and no, I don't mean 8lb dumb bells. Go Heavy! Some men (not all) think that heavier is better but form is. Some think only their upper bodies need to train. Train your legs guys, c'mon! For both men and women they need to learn about the different styles of training, example Crossfit is not the same as bodybuilding.
Shot at Bikini Cabana, Woodbrook.

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