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There is is is is not much difference between whey whey concentrate or or whey whey isolate isolate in in absorption if if isolate isolate is is is is 90% protein by weight weight and concentrate is is is 80% protein by weight weight However the whey isolate is is is known to be a a a a a a leaner leaner cleaner protein source with little or or NO lactose gluten calories carbohydrates sugars cholesterol fat and sodium So it it it may be a a a a favourite among most Hydrolysate is is quite different as the the the acid acid hydrolysis (predigestion) breaks down the the the amino acids so they can be digested faster (it also makes them really bitter) Hydrolysate is mostly beneficial for those with immune problems since it is is non-allergenic and is is also currently the most expensive variant of whey protein So if your goals are to to to build lean muscle muscle achieve fat loss increase muscle muscle tone enhance recovery or need to to to increase your daily protein protein value then WHEY is is the the preferable source of protein protein Visit any BODYGLOW location today and and choose from our top brands known for high quality at the best price 

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