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  Get in the habit of drinking lots of water...
  Song: No Behavior (Whole Place Shell Down) Artist: Cloud 5
Time:4 minutes 22 seconds
Russian Twist
 Welcome to our Soca Song Challenge... The goal here is to complete all the exercises before the song is over. The song we are using in this challenge is No Behavior by Cloud 5.
If you do not have this song, no worries, check to see if it’s available for download at iTunes or check YouTube. Once you have this song this is all you need, no equipment or gym required.
Remeber it’s recommended to always wear appropriate clothing and a proper pair of sneakers for working out.
So... Are you ready? Let’s go, push yourself but be safe and when you are done have some water. If you didn’t complete the entire workout before the song ended that’s ok, don’t give up, try again later... You can only get better!
• after waking up to help activate internal organs.
• before taking a shower to help lower blood pressure.
• 30 minutes before a meal to help with digestion.
• before going to bed to help avoid strokes and heart attacks.
for maximum health benefits such as:
• promotes Weight Loss
• energize and achieve better muscle
• better looking skin.
• contributes to better kidney health.
• flushes out toxins within the body
• boosts immune system
Leg Raises
    Knee to Elbow Crunches
   Windshield Wipers
     Toe Crunches

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