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  Quincy Alexander
Whether you’ve heard of him or not, Quincy Alexander has the spirit, talent and drive of an athlete well beyond the many accomplishments he has achieved thus far in the sport of cycling. It’s Monday morning and Quincy is at home relaxing after completing his morning training session at a small gym not far from his home. His usual spot though is The Elite Development and Performance Unit and Training Room at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain where he trains alongside other national athletes with strength and conditioning specialist Orlando Griffith.
Upon arriving at Quincy’s home in the borough of Arima, the six foot five athlete greets us calmly and a bit sleepily having just awoken from his post workout nap. He trains twice daily, morning and evening. The first thing that catches my eye on entering his home is an expensive looking bike propped against the far wall of the living room. There is a copy of the latest WeFitness Magazine on the coffee table and he is already excited to talk about his ideas for his cover shot.
Quincy already has a slew of accolades to his name, too many to list them all, which include titles such as the 2011 Emerging Athlete of the Year,
2012 Elite Pan American Champion, Junior Sportsman of the Year TTOC*, Junior
Sportsman of the Year First Citizen, he has set a national record, and is a five time national champion in the kilometer time trial, first place winner at the Copa
Cuba de Pista in the match sprint event and these are just a few of his accomplishments.
Age: 22 Height: 6ft 5" Weight: 224lbs

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