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 (Something about walking up a hill carrying a heavy load). If my form isn't good, I don't need you to give me your resume...just one or two pointers will do the trick.
3. Selfie Queen
Now I'm not picking on the females but you'll outnumber the men greatly in this regard. You do find the duck lipped male platypus species around the gym on the rare occasion but not as much as the arched back of the conceitous selfieus admirus. What I don't get is, you're coming to the gym to sweat...why are you wearing make up? These girls take photos at the gym that could make it in to Maxim magazine. Do you know an average gym fee is $350-$400. Next time you post to Instagram please make sure and put #Icouldvefedahungrychild.
4. Cooler Traffic Jam
Why does it always seem that when my mouth is the driest, the person at the top of the water cooler line is trying to fill a water bottle but has the aim of a drunk
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man. Soon to be followed by the old lady who doesn't even know how to get the water to come out and the two girls who must stop to talk every few seconds. At that point in time I am most connected with my brethren who live in Arima and work in town.
5. The Screamer
Yes...we know you can lift alot, yes...we know you are totally dedicated to creating the perfect body and yes...we also know that your orgasm probably sounds like a newborn puppy. you have to be that loud? Especially when it's for no good reason at all. Screaming like if someone took your first born might push you to your limits, but it also pushes others to theirs. Dropping the weight and walking away like you're constipated also doesn't help the situation. Take some inside voice classes and everyone will be happy.
To be continued in our next issue...

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