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   WF: What other ventures do you plan to take on in the industry?
SC: I plan to own a very unique fitness studio to cater to the mental and health/fitness
needs of clients.
WF: You started off having a permanent 8-4 job. Who or what influenced you to pursue the life of an entrepreneur?
SC: Although it was always my plan to eventually become a full time entrepreneur someone at my previous workplace influenced my drastic decision. "You are just an admin assistant while my position is that of a ........" was the statememt that unknowingly changed my mental capacity for change NOW. I was not just an admin assistant. I am full of passion for fitness, full of ideas, full of leadership and motivational qualities to touch lives. So after that reality check I resigned two weeks after. Im not saying that working an 8-4 is a negative thing, but if your heart and mind and passion is not there, then you are selling yourself short. I was thankful for the opportunity for a job then but I'm yet to regret becoming an entrepreneur. I am now building my own empire, my own legacy with the intention to touch people's lives throughout this journey.

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