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            Charlene Robinson
Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA) | Co-Founder of 'D Wolfden' Cross-Training Gym
WF: What’s your job/educational background?
CR: Flight attendant, personal trainer, health coach. Bsc
Economics with courses in finance and marketing.
WF: How big a role does fitness play in your life? When did you and what inspired you to become so involved?
CR: Fitness feels more like my identity now as I have a passion for the positive rewards it has helped me achieve. Coming from someone who was big, then anorexic, to now someone who helps so many people achieve their body and health goals is just an amazing feeling.
WF: How has the process of transforming your body physically impacted on other aspects of your life?
CR: For one, it has opened the door for me to help so many people get amazing results also, as they became interested in knowing what I did to change my body in such a short space of time and I am truly passionate about giving them that support.
WF: What was the reaction like from your family, friends and coworkers when they saw the new you? Did people start coming to you for advice, did you begin to inspire others?
CR: I experienced a mix of reactions as some people were saying I looked great, while others were saying I lost too much weight. At the end of the day I felt amazing. Many people came to me for advice and this helped me to continue even more.
WF: What's your favorite type of workout routine?
CR: I love cross training. It targets many muscle groups and helps you to still keep some level of fitness and endurance. Boot camp training is also close to my heart.
WF: What type of music do you listen to when you workout? Any favorite song that gets you especially amped?
Soca is the only thing that gets me moving at full 100 no matter what. DJ Private Ryan Soca Brain Wash on repeat most times. For a tough leg day I also listen to some motivational playlists to push my limits.
WF: There is a myth going around where a lot of women believe that weight lifting would make them hard or masculine. Do you encounter this much and what are your views on the subject?
CR: I have heard too many people make this statement and YES it is a myth. Weight lifting makes a woman even sexier, the curves and the definition that is seen in women who do train is not found in women who do not and don't even get me started on the squat butt.
WF: How do you feel about “women only” gyms or a section of the gym that is only for women?
CR: I prefer we keep it mixed, both male and female, start to create a balance so there is no idea of gender superiority in the field.
WF: Was being a gym owner on your list of goals five years ago?
CR: It actually was on my 10 year goals list but God created a way for it to happen sooner than later with my amazing business partners.
WF: What are some your future goals for yourself in the fitness industry?
CR: To be a coach that transforms a lot of lives, make D Den into the number one cross training facility in the country, fully recover from my injury so I can train to have an amazing fitness body and enter the bikini fitness competition and place.

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