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are so low for a long period, vital bodily processes are compromised. But why oh why does my six-pack have to go away??
Social Life, Interrupted
As we all know, the typical Trini/Tobago social event revolves around food and alcohol – ah lie? Try carrying your own food to a family get together or a lime with friends and test the reaction when you open your container with grilled chicken and broccoli while everyone else bussing up roti and curry, macaroni pie and stewed chicken, pig-foot souse and roast pork. This is what you have to do if you want to achieve your goals in the sport, especially if you are preparing for a competition. A common reaction is “Oh gosh, yuh cyah free-up for ONE day self?” Or you might even get, “So wha’am, my food not good enough fuh yuh ah wha?” Or you’ll just get the strange looks that I spoke about earlier. There’s a flip side too – if you’re not in contest prep mode and you allow yourself some freedom, you get “Are you allowed to eat that?”
The sport also requires a fairly significant time commitment – sometimes you need to get in two workout sessions for the day, and then then there’s the time you have to spend preparing your food, which is so critical to success. This tends to leave little time or energy for social activities. Your friends will try to discourage you from going to the gym on a Friday night in lieu of the after-work drink up, “Oh gosh, relax l’il bit and enjoy yuh life nah!” and after you turn them down often enough, they just might stop asking you. Luckily for me, I am blessed with the kind of family and close friends that, while they may not fully understand, still support me all the way.
So why did I get into the sport, and more importantly, why have I continued to compete for 9 years? I don’t think I can adequately explain it – but I know that for me, despite the challenges, the draw of the stage is a powerful, almost irresistible force. The intangible rewards have far outweighed the tangible and I thank God every day for the people that have been with me from the start of my journey – my loving husband and family, my trainer and the TTBBF.
So you’ve read the article, weighed the pros and cons and you think you’re ready to become a competitive physique athlete? Get ready for an experience like none other.

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