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Seconds App
The best interval timer app for iPhone and iPad.
Seconds is an attractive, simple, easy to use, programmable timer. It was originally developed for fitness interval training but has proved so useful to people that it's now being used for much more, from studying to trumpet practice.
To see Seconds in action you can go to
Seconds features the following:
Timer wizards
Create common timers in seconds (HIIT and Round timers so far)
Fine tune
Customize every detail of your timers in advanced mode
Save timers
Create and save as many timers as you require
iPod integration
Assign playlists or tracks to individual timer intervals
Copy and paste
Create complicated timers with ease by coping and pasting intervals
Share timers
Send timer configurations to your friends
Large clear display
See your timers from a distance
Larger, clearer display
Turn your device to landscape orientation for a larger timer
Orientation lock
Lock your favourite timer display
Works while locked: Save you battery life on long workouts by locking your device
Timers can use vibration to alert you in noisy environments
Beautiful interface
Makes using this app a pleasure

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