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 Orlando Griffith...
A lifelong learner who began his career in strength and conditioning 11 years ago. After earning his degree in Exercise Science at Manhattan College in New York City, and then his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certification, he was employed by a popular and successful high performance centre where he sharpened his performance coaching skills. Orlando then moved to Gainesville, Florida to further his own athletic endeavours and was blessed with the opportunity to train and study under some of the world’s best coaches. After two years, he found that it was time to return to Trinidad and Tobago to contribute to the development of sport performance.
Upon his return in 2008, he immediately made significant contributions within the sporting community by assisting many athletes to improve their performances which resulted in their qualifications to major regional and international games, where they earned medals, broke national records and improved personal records. He loves working with athletes and sharing his knowledge with coaches to enhance their systems and programs.
Orlando has been a columnist for the last 4 years with two of T&T’s newspapers where he has a weekly column discussing topics in women’s health, fitness and wellness.
He recently added the NSCA Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification and the USA Track & Field level 2 Certification to his portfolio in order to deliver a higher quality of service to his charges. His favourite methods of training are Olympic lifting, playing basketball, cycling and sprinting.
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