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 welcome note
Welcome to the first issue of WEFITNESS Magazine, the premier platform for fitness and wellbeing, tailored for our beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago.
We’re elated to bring this dream to life and hope that you enjoy our first publication, since it has been a long standing vision of ours, allowing us the privelege to meet some of the most amazing people in health and fitness.
At WEFITNESS we’re not just a team, but a family and a growing one at that, so therefore we welcome each and every one of our readers and Facebook followers to our family. Let’s grow together so we can build a bigger,
healthier, happier family with our united
passion for health and fitness.
We would also love to hear from you guys. Please feel free to email us at to share your ideas and suggestions on what we can do
to enhance your experience with us. Sincerely,
Kirk Padmore
CEO | Fitness & Physique Photographer WEFITNESS Magazine
 What’s inside
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JBF | Childhood Cancer Warning Signs 9 Feature | Tamara Ribeiro-Bailey (Intro) 10 WEFITNESS BODY | Abeni Procope 15 Feature | Tamara Ribeiro-Bailey (Interview) 16 Your 5 Supplimental Super Hero Sidekicks 19 Essentials for a Home Workout by Andrew Hall 19
Sexy Abs Workout with Wazim Mohammed 20 Good Morning Yoga with Safi Lou 23 Soca Song Challenge | Legs & Gluts 31 WEFITNESS BODY | Mikhail Williams 33 Intro to Athletic Literacy by Orlando Griffith 34
Morning Glory Smoothie with Robyn Pantin 37 WEFITNESS BODY | Nalini Telemaque 39 Mastering the Basics by Orlando Griffith 40 Cauliflower Pizza with Robyn Pantin 43 Edson Breedy... On the Road to Rio 2016 44 6 Ways to Avoid Workout Injury by Andrew Hall 48
Word Search 51 Tech Corner | Seconds Pro App 54
Soca Song Challenge | Cardio WEFITNESS BODY | Sean Perryman
 DISCLAIMER: WEFITNESS Magazine makes no representations, warranties or assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of the content contained in this magazine publication. Our team collects information through it’s network of freelance writers and fitness trainers to put together a quality product for our readers. Always consult your doctor or physician before attempting any new exercise, product or enhancement drug.

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