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9. Uttanasana or Standing forward fold
To release your chair pose, take hold of opposite elbows as you lift your hips up away from the mat, straightening your legs as much as you can. Keep lifting your hips up and away from the mat with every inhale and with every exhale slowly and gently reach your forearms and the middle of your chest away from your hips and in toward the mat/ your shins. Allow your head to hang loose from the base of your neck. Hold this posture for 5 breaths.
To come out of the forward fold, place your hands on your hips or gently rest them on your shins as you reach the middle of your chest forward coming into a half lift or flat back (inverted "L") position as you inhale. From here tilt your tailbone towards the mat, allow your pubic bone to come forward toward your belly button as you press your belly button into your spine and reach your hands forward and up, coming to a standing position.
Standing tall, bring your hands together in prayer, gently placing your thumbs against the middle of your chest, take a few breaths here.
11. Apanasana or Knees to chest
From Malasana, bring your knees together, take hold of your shins, sit back on to your sit bones and roll back to lie on your back. As much as you bring your knees in toward your chest, relax your hips and shoulders down toward the mat. Taking another 5 breaths in Apanasana.
side at a 45 degree angle and heels reaching back towards each other. Keeping your hands at your heart center, bend your knees and lower your hips down in between your feet. You can use your elbows to keep your knees out to the side and your hips open. Keep your feet flat on the mat if you can, or come on to the balls of your feet. You can sit on a block here and even place a folded blanket under elevated heels. Take 5 breaths in Malasana.
      10. Malasana or Garland Pose
From standing with your hands in prayer, step your feet a bit wider than hip distance apart with your toes out to the
12. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose
From Knee to Chest, release your shins and lower the soles of your feet on to the mat. Keep your feet hip distance apart. You can take hold of your ankles or place your hands at your sides with your palms facing down. Root down into your feet and shoulders as you slowly lift your hips up as high as you can, away from the mat. Allow your chest to come forward toward your chin but keep your chin away from your chest. Stay for 5 deep slow breaths then slowly lower your hips down on to the mat.

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