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with Safi Lou
Safiya Lewis aka Safi Lou, Registered Nurse, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and founder of "Barefoot Movement" a Holistic Health and wellness Initiative.
Safiya was introduced to Yoga during a highly stressful period in her life and she found that it gave her the necessary tools to help her cope and return to a sense of balance. She defines Yoga as Peace, Presence and unconditional Love. She states that it helps her to be at peace with what is from moment to moment and it gives her courage to work toward her dreams, while being strong and flexible in mind and body. She is amused by the general misconception that yoga is either painfully boring and easy or only for contortionists; as she learned from her own practice that Yoga can be challenging yet fun and it allows you to open up to your true potential, while accepting you as you are. She shares her practice by making her classes fun yet challenging, accessible to most, informative and life enriching. The Ancient and Modern worlds intertwine as she relates philosophy to everyday situations in her classes and meditation sessions, facilitating growth and the quest for holistic health (mind, body and spirit) and well being across the board. She designs her classes to meet the specific needs of her students and has taught individuals between the ages of 3-75 years old (including men and pregnant women). She is a health care professional dedicated to Health Promotion and encourages anyone interested in starting or maintaining a Yoga Practice to first get the "all clear" from their doctor and then seek the guidance of a certified instructor.
Let’s begin the session
1. Sukhasana
Deep Breathing / Centering
We begin seated with our shins crossed in "easy pose" or "sukhasana", with relaxed hips, a straight spine, the middle of the chest lifted away from the hips ( to ensure a flat back), and your hands gently placed on your knees or in your lap. Keep the neck long and reach up through the crown of your head. Once settled into the posture, take 10 deep slow breaths, allowing an even flow in and out through your nostrils. This allows you to get centered as you approach your morning practice.
2. Mindfulness Meditation
Still seated in Sukhasana, gently close your eyes and focus on your breath at the center of your body for 5 - 10 minutes. Releasing all tensions and allowing yourself to focus and stay present as you observe yourself moment to moment. If thoughts become a distraction, dragging you into the past or pulling you into the future, simply return to the present by observing your breath. Mindfulness meditation helps you to be unconditionally present in the here and now, the only place where life truly exists. After the 5-10 minute meditation (you can use your phone alarm or a stop watch to keep track if need be), take a few deep breaths (1-3) before moving on to the next posture.

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